Singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, producer and writer.  Independent musician, artist and entrepreneur. Born and raised in California - as a teenager she moved with her parents to their native country Chile - where she’s lived since. At age 14 she published two books: “Defenseless Waters” (2001 forwarded by writer Isabel Allende, a collection of poems in English illustrated by Francisca herself) and “Abejorros/Madurar”  (2001, short stories in Spanish).

Skilled at the piano (she studied classical piano as a child), she surprises her audiences with the power and energy she displays on stage. With her elegant pop-rock music, Francisca can quickly move from the piano to the guitar to dancing, singing about a long lost love or speaking to those in power. Her songs are considered to be "a generation’s Polaroid - elegant pop that draws you in and then shows you its teeth” (La Razón, Spain, 2012) with “compositions full of authenticity and artistic commitment…inspired and bold rock splashed with the characteristic freshness of pop" (Marvin Magazine, Mexico, 2012).

Francisca has released two independent albums: “Muérdete la Lengua” (Bite Your Tongue, 2007) and “Buen Soldado” (Good Soldier, 2011) in Latin America, US, Mexico and Spain (and digitally worlwide), with all songs written and composed by her - the first album including two original songs in English. Ten different videoclips have been produced and released from these two albums, including the recent “Buen Soldado” which was chosen as “Hottest Video of the Year 2012” by the uber-cool american blog Remezcla (USA).

Following a solid success in Chile –Muérdete la Lengua went Platinum and Buen Soldado, Gold- Francisca has been actively performing and promoting her music throughout the world. In the past few years, she has performed on important stages and in Festivals such as Vive Latino (Mexico), Austin City Limits (Austin, USA), Corona Capital (Mexico), Teatro Metropolitan (Mexico), Highline Ballroom and Bowery Ballroom (NY), Shanghai World Expo (China), Pompey (Italy), Festival de Viña, Lollapalooza and Primavera Fauna (Chile), LAMC (NY,USA), SXSW (Austin, USA), Cinema Festival and MIDEM Festival (Cannes, France), TheTroubador (LA, USA), Personal Fest (Buenos Aires), Día de la Música (Madrid), Pura Vida (Australia), Soy LokoportiAmérika (Brazil), among others.

In 2011, she was invited by Bono as the only guest artist to sing with him on stage during the U2 tour 360o in Chile. She has also performed with with Mexican artists Café Tacvba, Ximena Sariñana, and Sussie 4, the Brazilian musician Paulinho Moskha, the argentinian singer-songwriter Pedro Aznar and most recently, the renowned Spanish singer- songwriter, Miguel Bosé, and others.

Francisca works as an independent artist. She has founded her own company and label in order to develop her musical and audiovisual productions, and to support the advancement of her expanding career. In this context, she collaborates day-to-day with various independent labels, production companies, artists, producers and local agencies in different countries around the world.

In 2012, the World Economic Forum (WEF) chose Francisca as a “Global Shaper”, distinction given to those under-30 that have excelled in their areas and have made a positive impact in their communities. Francisca actively participates in raising awareness about gender and LGBT related issues in Chile; she was recently named ambassador for Todo Mejora foundation, which fights against homophobic bullying between teenagers. She also contributes in various educational projects and is currently a member of the Board of EligeEducar and ComunidadMujer foundations.

Called "the revelation of pop", "princess of rock" and the "most glamorous Latin pop artist" by critics in Chile and abroad, she has been on the cover of multiple magazines, including Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan Chile

Just recently, Francisca performed at the Festival Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar International Song Festival), one of most important festivals in Latin America, which is televised by A&E to various countries throughout the globe. She was given all the Festival’s prestigious awards (Antorcha de Oro y Plata, Gaviota de Oro y Plata). Francisca is currently in Los Angeles, California, writing and composing for her next album.
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