January 21, 2016Cuerpo Eléctrico | Verano 2016

Francisca confirms the first dates for her summer tour in Chile!

 After a hectic end-of-year, Francisca Valenzuela resumes her Tour Cuerpo Eléctrico, which took her in 2015 to a dozen cities in Chile, between Iquique and Punta Arenas, including two concerts in Santiago (Teatro Cariola and GAM, both of them sold out).

The upcoming summer segment will have 12 stops, starting this January 22 in Yungay and concluding on February 27 in Dichato. The tour includes a performance in the Festival del Huaso, Olmué, on January 31, which will be televised nationwide by open national TV (TVN).

Francisca Valenzuela concluded last year with excellent news.  Her single “Prenderemos Fuego Al Cielo” was the Top One hit in radios in Chile in 2015. In addition, Francisca received a Latin Grammy nomination for  Best Recording Package for her album Tajo Abierto. In the coming weeks a new video and single from her album “Tajo Abierto” will be announced.

➡ Check the tour dates confirmed in Chile here!

12316214_10153796653079801_3113146552501745922_nNovember 30th, 2015

Fran is one of the shiniest stars at the Teletón!

Just a few seconds after this year’s Teletón had celebrated reaching its goal, the stage of the Estadio Nacional welcomed Francisca Valenzuela. Opening with the powerful “Insulto” and following with the popular “Prenderemos Fuego al Cielo”, Fran made 50 thousand voices turn into one, becoming one of the strongest acts of the night.

Check out pics of that night here!


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