May 15th, 2017

Great Success of Ruidosa Fest SCL 2017

Ruidosa Fest SCL held its second edition in Santiago between March 9th and 11th. The feminist event – founded and directed by Francisca Valenzuela – celebrated two days of activities, broadening the festival BY adding workshops and a keynote speech by the re-known Chicago-based author, journalist and current MTV news editor, Jessica Hopper.

During the two days of activities -which included a keynote speech, over a dozen concerts, performance, stand up comedy, two conversation panels, four workshops- took place in the Library of Santiago, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral and Matucana 100, with 2,500 attendees and counted with the participation of over 30 remarkable women from the creative industries in Chile. On the Ruidosa Fest festival grounds there booths of NGO’s and multiple organizations from civil society and gender equality and sexual diversity causes, including Amnistía Internacional, Comunidad Mujer, Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero, Todo Mejora (It Gets Better Foundation), as well as the launch of the UN Women #HeForShe week in Santiago, Chile.

Other participants, performers, panelists included:

Francisca Valenzuela, Nicole, Mariel Mariel, Tomasa Del Real, Carolina Nissen, Chini and The Technicians, Yorka, Dadalú, Dania Neko, MKRNI, Playa Gótica, Entrópica and 31 Minutos. The panels featured Mariana Montenegro (Dënver), the duo Torta Golosa, Juanita Parra, Pía Sotomayor, Andrea Ocampo, Arelis Uribe, Alexa Soto, Marialy Rivas, Antonella Estévez and Camila Le-Bert. The workshops included the special colaboration of Natisú, Pía Vargas, Valesuchi, Yeimi Navarro and Paulina Giustinianovich.


  • March

  • 11 | Ruidosa Fest 2017 | Santiago, Chile